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Working so hard on launching summer of 2022

Technology is the great equalizer – except when it comes to gig workers. Every middleman wants to get in on the action, which only increases the customer's cost for a simple job and eats into the profits of an honest tradesman.

Specialized gig workers can list directly with Boots & Ladders. Not only do they eliminate middlemen, but they can also cut down on their idle time and save on overhead by offering common services as tangible gigs. This allows workers to skip unnecessary trips, estimates, invoicing and collection. So they only receive booked prepaid local jobs.

Keep all your hard earned money!

No more hands in the cookie jar. We're getting rid of the middleman.

Your Customers can Book your service direct so you keep all your hard earned money.

Less is better!

If you are specialized and able to offer your service as tangible gigs, the Boots and Ladders app will allow you to list and start receiving prepaid work orders. So now you can focus on what's important: Job Results!

It's all in one place

  • Marketplace listings

  • Work orders

  • Online booking

  • Payment processing

  • Credentials & Documents

  • Messaging, Direction & More

Ditch telemarketers

Never miss an important call again. No more phone tags. Boots and Ladders lets verified users communicate so you only receive messages from serious buyers.

Change the way you Thrill!

The app is FREE, listing is FREE, payment processing fees are paid by the buyers. Best of all, with prepaid work gigs, there're no idle time.

Get specialized. Offer flat rate services and start seeing prepaid work orders filling your schedule.

Service is intangible. Neither the service pro or the home owners know the cost of the job or the result afterwords. Service contractors are spending over 40% of their time giving estimate and idling between jobs lining up their work. Technology have solved some of the challenges but the cost of performing the service got more expensive because of the middleman.

After 30 years of doing home service, we built boots and ladders because we were sick and tired of the middleman taking our hard earned money. The Boots and Ladders app is an on demand direct marketplace for home owners and service professionals.

Nothing new to learn!

Only old habits to forget!

  1. Sign up and complete your seller profile

  2. List your service gig

  3. Set your schedule with days you want to work

  4. Upload the credentials you want to show on your profile

  5. Link your Paypal and start receiving money


Sellers can list their service for FREE


Customers pay workers direct 2.9% Fee


Schedule Setting is quick and EASY

Service workers recently spend more time and money lining up jobs than doing the actual work. Not to mention all the idle time they spent on giving estimates, scheduling work, collecting the money and worse of all is having to pay the middleman for job leads.

Boots and ladders is a direct gig marketplace. The app will allow sellers to list their service for FREE. Setting their schedule will only take them a minute. There is even a feature there to get paid directly and keep all their hard earned money.

If you are a specialized service professional and want to sell your service directly, Download the Boots and Ladders app and start receiving prepaid work orders. So you can focus on what's important: Job Results!

Boots and Ladders is the answer for the work ahead!

Contact us: support@bootsandladders.com


NOtHing is FREE


  • Membership: FREE

  • Listings: FREE

  • Payment Processing: Sellers pay 1.9%

  • Admin Fee: Buyer pay 4%

  • Sellers Screening: $20

  • Credential upload: $2/doc

Ranking on the home service marketplace is sorted by distance, merit rank, certification & credentials.

Working so hard on launching summer of 2022