Work-Order for Service Professionals

Share Your Service

Service pros can set up their listing in under 4 minutes and cut your idle time to ZERO

Recieve Instant Booking

Set up your schedule and watch your appointments fills up at no cost to you. Service pros keep all their hard earned money.

Self-Serve Direct Marketplace

You can also send proposal to your existing customers that allow them to book and prepay you directly No Middleman!

Alternative to marketing, estimating, scheduling payment processing .

Allowing you to focus only on work!

Boots & ladders platform allows you to list your jobs, set up your schedule, connect your payment, and connect with nearby hires. This app will cut your idle time to ZERO allowing you to focus on what's important: job results!


Service pros are not making money. Handymen are losing their hard earned money to middlemen who recently became their direct competition getting first dibs on job leads only to turn around and sell them back to the pros. The internet has become so crowded that young entrepreneurs can't find the start line to pursue their dreams

There are many other factors that impact the worker's profits. All the time that workers spend not hands down preforming the work is considered "idle" time. Lately contractors are spending more time than ever promoting their service on social media, filtering telemarketers, and making estimates all so that they can line up their work. Reducing idle time is our main focus here at Boots & Ladders.

Furthermore, the demand for service workers is currently growing at a rate of 35% (CAGR), making handy jobs radically expensive and hard to hire.


We have created a work order app for all service individuals that replaces middle management and expensive advertisements. The platform is designed to allow workers to synergize and grow in a direct marketplace for nearby, local handymen and specialized professionals.


We believe that technical professionals and handymen should keep all their hard earned money, so our revenue model is designed to pass on the job transaction fee to the buyer and allow qualified workers to list their jobs for $10 a month.


- Agree to terms and conditions

- Adhere to guidelines

- Valid credit card for booking


- Square account

- Profile picture

- Listing pictures

- Valid ID

- Agree to terms and conditions

- Adhere to guidelines

  • Become a seller and list your service in under 4 minutes

  • Send custom offers to your customers along with your availability.

  • Connect your square account once and collect on time every time

  • List your flat rate service and watch your schedule fill up.

The new work order for the work ahead