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There are so many home service professionals who cannot be found by customers who are ready to buy. This marketplace app connects nearby customers and he home service workers, The app prototype appointment feature has been a huge success. Using such a home service marketplace makes things easier for both home owners and workers, and you can concentrate on other important things.

How it works

If you wonder how the handyman app Boots and Ladders work, we will simplify it. The app is the platform where the professionals and the customers are connected. We are not referring to only jack of all trades but professionals who can handle different household tasks such as carpentry, cleaning, remodeling, wiring, and plumbing. All services and repairs needed in a household are covered. Getting started on the handyman app is very easy. You have to:


Setup your schedule and connecting your payment gateway is easy and free of charge. At the Boots and Ladders home service app, our main focus is getting the clients the very best results quickly and allowing the tradesmen to get their well-deserved earning. It is very easy to make sure that all interests are catered for and guarded with an app such as this. We make the whole process easy as everything is so well regulated.

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Boots and Ladders is a home service marketplace that gives you the chance to tell the world exactly what you can do. There are no technical skills or design experience needed. Things are made very simple and allowed to remain as such.


After submitting your listing, you are set to go. You get exposed to clients who can tell what you do and the kind of home repair service you can handle professionally. Your gig is promoted locally and only to nearby searches, which means you will find relevant nearby customers.

Nothing New to Learn, Only Bad Habits to Forget

The Boots & Ladders App is designed to assist workers to specialize & deliver results!

Our mission is to free every independent contractors from middlemen and allow them to keep all their hard earned money. Our app is designed to recognize their hard work and rank them by their true merit achievement. This will twinkle down to buyers in the form of Job result !

Great for trade services and repair workers who are looking to automate their appointments and fill their schedule with prepaid jobs without lifting a finger.

Launching summer 2022 to Android and IOS


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  • Payment Processing: Sellers pay 2.9%

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  • Ads: We don't sell ads.

Ranking on the home service marketplace is sorted by distance, merit rank, certification & credentials.