The service industry is complex and unpredictable. Both service professionals and customers often struggle to determine the cost of a job, and there is no guarantee of the outcome. As a result, service professionals often spend a significant amount of time dealing with administrative tasks and idle time between jobs. While technology has helped to address some of these challenges, it has also made the cost of providing services more expensive, due to the presence of middlemen.

Despite these challenges, the on-demand home service business is growing rapidly. It is expected to reach a value of one trillion dollars in the United States alone by 2026. However, existing solutions are not adequately addressing the needs of service professionals, and current platforms are heading in the wrong direction. For example, companies like Home Advisor and Groupon make money by selling leads or discounted services, taking a cut of the profits earned by service professionals.

After 30 years of working in the service industry, we founded Boots & Ladders to address these issues. We were tired of middlemen taking a cut of our hard-earned money and frustrated by the time wasted on administrative tasks. Our app is an on-demand direct marketplace that connects home owners and service professionals directly. Anyone with a phone can list their services at a flat rate and reach thousands of nearby customers. Buyers can easily find and book services within the app, without the need for intermediaries. We believe that Boots & Ladders provides a better solution for both service professionals and customers.


First On Demand Flat Rate Service


There is no Middle-Man


Flawless, Direct, and Dynamic Work Orders.

We are currently looking for strategic partners that can take on a role in CFO, CMO, CLO

Organic Growth

It wouldn't make sense to skip the middleman only to pay for  growth! The app is design to germinate and grow as it get used 

Dynamic Workflow

Less is better, we built the app so users can book and buy with their eyes close

small jobs, flat rate

Since when every job need an estimate? Our sellers are Winning with flat rate 

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